This site holds the ramblings of some pretty average geeks living somewhere secluded from the world. But come on! I’m sure you’re smart enough to figure out from where this site emerged right? No…? Glance at the URL again in case you didn’t give it enough attention.  Did you get it? I’m sure you did :).

I like I said, we are pretty average geeks, so please do not refer to this site if you are looking for materials for your doctoral dissertation or that argument-winning fact for this new theory that is sure to question Newton’s third law in case that was your intent.

So, what’s the purpose of this?

Frankly speaking, is a hmm well a mind-dumping field! All the scientists here on this site (basically the authors and no, we are not holders of natural science degrees! I hope I’ve made that clear enough by now) have a particular passion for things, technology, chemistry, physics, astrophysics… you name it, all the cliché topics basically. This site, thus, is where we express ourselves, where we share the exciting things we’ve learned as trivial as it may seems may have its place on this blog.

Where did the idea come from?

From nowhere. We just decided one morning that we have to make this site. Sorry Newton, but the third law doesn’t seem to be so well grounded.

But seriously, no, I was just reading about some astronomical discoveries one day and the next minute I found myself purchasing the domain for this blog…. So yeah, Newton’s not wrong. There you have it. But this law doesn’t even apply here! Who I’m I kidding :D?

What’s next?

Just go and enjoy some of our awesome posts! You’ve spent enough time reading this about us page, but we are so grateful that you did.

Oh, one last thing! Do you want to write an article for this blog? Contact us via this page or write to us at [email protected].

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